Mission & Vision

Know the Path, Walk the Path

The Mission

We Our Mission is to have an authentic community fostering a life-changing relationship with God through love, integrity and service.

The Vision

That ever person in our community would have a life-changing encounter with the love of Jesus Christ.


Love God and love others. Love is caring for another regardless of history, gifting, or shortcoming. It is relational, invests in others; expressing understanding, respect, and grace.

The Holy Spirit continues to speak, work, and transform lives today. In all we do we acknowledge the Holy Spirit to be with us, encouraging every person to experience the power of God.

In all efforts, we align with the word of God and His character. Demonstrating honesty and moral principles through thoughtful transparency in our words and actions.

Community is a place of belonging with others. Community includes individuals, groups, and geographic regions with whom we intentionally build connections.


Service is the active demonstration of love for another. It is the meeting of physical, spiritual, and emotional needs, through the giving of time, care, talent, and resources.