This team prays with people before, during and after services for whatever needs they may have. Prayer is vital in a Christian’s walk and in a church’s ministry, and we help meet that need.

What makes an ideal team member in this area?

An ideal team member would have a relationship with God and heart for prayer and for people. Someone who will pray for people, not only in church, but in their personal prayer time during the week.

What does team engagement look like?

Prayer team member are asked to be available to pray with people for at least one service per month. They are asked to wear a prayer team badge and look for people to pray with whenever the occasion arises at church. Prayer members are attentive and sensitive while listening for opportunities to pray with attendees.

How do we train or onboard?

Training is mostly advisory in practical tips and rules for praying with others in church. Helpful hints will also be shared for finding people to pray with and how to approach and honor them.

Ways to get involved:

There are two ways to get involved. We have our prayer team that is active and available Sunday morning, we also have those on our virtual prayer team who receive prayer requests via email, and are committed to regular prayer at home.