I'm interested in being mentored

i'm interested in mentoring


Heartland Mentorship is dedicated to growing mature disciples of Jesus Christ that embody the values of Love, Holy Spirit Led, Integrity, Community, and Service. All this is done while cultivating the unique gifts and talents of mentors and mentees.

What makes an ideal mentor?

We are looking for people with a deep relationship with God who are willing to walk alongside someone on a learning journey. The ideal mentor would be willing to commit to the 12-week experience, and would be willing to ask questions, listen, and offer their experiences, encouragement, and support.

What makes an ideal mentee?

Anyone interested in a deeper relationship with Christ, a curiosity to grow, a desire to cultivate their unique gifts, and a willingness to meet regularly with a mature believer, would be welcome to participate in this experience.

What does engagement look like?

Heartland Mentorship is a 12-week program held once in the fall (Sep – Dec) and once in the spring (Feb – May). Mentors and Mentees can apply separately, and then are matched, or a pair can apply together. Pairs are expected to meet once a week for 1 hour, for the 12-week program, along with attending a kick-off and celebration event. The program covers some topics encouraged by HCC, as well as topics decided by the mentoring pair based on their interests.

How do we train or onboard?

All mentors are required to attend a mentor training that will connect them with other mentors, and prepare them for the experience. Mentors and mentees attend a kick-off event that helps frame the 12-week experience and includes time for the pairs to set goals.