Heartland Hospitality creates a welcoming environment through breakfast and coffee on Sunday mornings, as well as providing food volunteer assistance for other Heartland events.

What makes an ideal team member in this area?

We are looking for people willing to serve others with a smile. Team members should be willing to handle food and follow health and safety guidelines. People interested in food, coffee, and connecting with people are encouraged to volunteer here!

What does team engagement look like?

Hospitality team members may be asked to come to church early on Sundays to help with setting up coffee and breakfast, so earlier morning availability is important. Some may be asked to stop by the store to pick up food and supplies on their way to the church.

How do we train or onboard?

All new team members learn from a trained team member and shadow other leaders at least once before being placed on the schedule.

Ways to get involved

Consider serving regularly as part of the coffee and breakfast ministry. We also need volunteers to help with food at special events!