​​​​HCC is an authentic community fostering a life-changing relationship with God through love, integrity, and service.



Every person in our community would encounter the life-changing love of Jesus Christ.




Love God and love others. Love is caring for another regardless of history, gifting, or shortcoming. It is relational, invests in others; expressing understanding, respect, and grace.


The Holy Spirit continues to speak, work, and transform lives today. In all we do we acknowledge the Holy Spirit to be with us, encouraging every person to experience the power of God.


In all efforts, we align with the word of God and His character. Demonstrating honesty and moral principles through thoughtful transparency in our words and actions.


Community is a place of belonging with others. Community includes individuals, groups, and geographic regions with whom we intentionally build connections.


Service is the active demonstration of love for another. It is the meeting of physical, spiritual, and emotional needs, through the giving of time, care, talent, and resources.



Pastor Kevin Zaun and his wife Sarah raised their family in Lisbon, ND, he was pastoring a church there for quite a few years, until he began to feel like God was calling him to start a church in Fargo. Through much prayer and seeking advice, they made the move to Fargo and that's where it started.

Pastor Kevin and Sarah Zaun started out with just a few people meeting in their home on Wednesday nights during the fall of 2002. After a while, more people started to meet in their home. From January till around May 25th, 2003, people met for services on Saturday nights in a small room at Trollwood Mall on North Broadway. In the summer of 2003, "pilot" services were held once a month on Sunday mornings at the Trollwood location. Heartland met once a month for 3 months during this time. As more people began attending these services, "preview" services were held each Sunday morning until the Grand Opening in October of 2003. While at the Trollwood location, God gave His favor to their new church and they grew to an average of about 65 people in attendance. As they continued to grow, small group ministry in homes was also emphasized. It became apparent that the room they were renting was getting smaller as the congregation kept growing. So, in January of 2005, Heartland began renting facilities at the Evergreen Conference Center located at 301 27th St. N.

Their congregation continued to grow and it was becoming apparent once again that they needed to find other facilities soon in order to accommodate the new growth.

On Easter of 2009, Heartland had its first meeting at its new location 1751 Main Ave E in West Fargo.

From there, God has been developing us as a church and leading us in the vision He's given us. We don't want anyone who is perfect (or claims to be), we are real people with real problems and struggles just like everyone else. Come be a part of what God is doing in our community as we grow and become more like Christ together.


Heartland Community Church is an Assembly of God church. For more info on the Assembly of God denomination click here.